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Home improvement projects are challenging and choosing the right company or products is just part of it. When it comes to deciding which company to trust for a project such as pavers for a patio or driveway, you can rest easy knowing that the experts at Paramount Stone Company trust the professionals at Unilock. Unilock supplies contractors and homeowners with pavers made of only the best material. 

Why you should choose Unilock

Unilock has been producing quality pavers for over 40 years. What started as a small company that brought European-inspired paving production to America has now turned into a common household name. Unilock is still a family-owned-and-operated company, accomplishing international success while remaining true to their products and reputation. This is why we trust Unilock and why you should, too. 

How are Unilock products different?

Unilock prides itself on being among the top competitors when it comes to pavers for landscaping and streetscapes. Their paver and wall products are manufactured to be budget-friendly and give you the best quality and strength by exceeding ASTM standards. Unilock has also specialized their manufacturing process for their Enduracolor line which provides you with a stronger paver with color that’s sure to last. No need to re-surface or re-paint like you would with a traditional deck or colored walkway. Our team at Paramount Stone will guide you through the construction process with Unilock so that you’re not alone and fully understand what you’re getting with a Unilock paver system. Unilock products also come with a Lifetime Guarantee, which is even transferable should you choose to sell your home or are looking to buy a home with a Unilock paver system. 

What are the ASTM standards?

The American Society for Testing and Materials is an international organization that tests, regulates and sets the overall standards for just about any professional industry that involves the use of plastics, adhesives or metals. What began as a way to regulate the construction of the railroads in 1898, has quickly grown to set the standards for construction, systems, and services around the world. Product standards fall under the following categories:

  • Standard Specification
  • Standard Test Method
  • Standard Practice Guide
  • Standard Classification
  • Terminology Standard

Unilock exceeds the standards for ASTM; therefore, you’ll be getting a higher quality product when you choose to work with us. 

Expert Guidance

At Paramount Stone, our knowledgeable staff will provide you with guidance so that we can work together to bring your home project to life. We have a variety of Unilock products to choose from and can even get you samples of the materials that interest you. We also have design professionals that are ready to put your backyard dream into an illustration. Unilock offers so many uniquely-shaped pavers with unique colors that we’re confident we can find something that works for you. 

We trust Unilock for their higher quality standards, materials and overall commitment to positive customer experience, making your experience with us that much more enjoyable. 

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