Posted by Stephanie Feese on Jun 19, 2014

Summer is officially here!  School is out and it's the perfect time to take on that kitchen or bathroom remodeling project that you've been thinking about.  Making minor changes like painting the walls a different color is great, but what if that isn't enough?  The simplest way to spruce up your kitchen that has the most impact is changing out your countertop.  There are so many products to choose from.  Which direction should you go?  A solid surface like Corian is a good choice.  There are some beautiful, veined colors new to the color palette that don't look like Corian at all.  Quartz countertops are another great choice.  They are durable and gorgeous.  And, of course, there's always granite which has so many colors to choose from!  Just remember that granite requires sealing every year to maintain that beauty.  Need help deciding?  Come on in to our showroom and we can help.  We have samples of all the products, and after being in business for over 25 years, we have seen a lot of kitchens and can give a lot of advice!  Have a great summer!